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Iimak RibbonsSony Ribbons

 General Purpose Wax Ribbons  Premium Wax/Resin Ribbons
 Super Premium Resin Ribbons  Ribbons for Near Edge Printers
 Specialty Resin Ribbons  

*NOTE - Some IIMAK® Product Data Sheets are provided in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format
             (linked document size in parentheses)


General Purpose Wax Ribbons:

The most economical choice for general purpose tag and labeling applications including shipping, warehousing, retail, textile, and apparel. Choose a wax ribbon when printing on uncoated and coated paper tag and label stocks, and low end film labels like Kimdura®.

VERSA MARK Highly versatile wax ribbon with outstanding print quality, high speed and backcoat properties.
High Mark Resin enhanced wax ribbon has outstanding durability for a general purpose ribbon. Reduced printhead energy requirements.
Fast Wax Excellent print quality at high speeds; good coverage on uncoated tag and label stocks.
Hard Wax Good balance between print quality, substrate range and durability. This is the only IIMAK ribbon certified for indirect food contact applications.
DC-100 Color ribbons - Excellent print quality at high speeds.

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Premium Wax/Resin Ribbons:

The right choice when a higher level of scratch and smear and/or mild chemical resistance is needed in labeling applications including shelf and bin labels, textile, apparel, nursery, and lumber. Premium wax/resin ribbons print well on coated paper tag and label stocks, low end films, and some polyester labels.

(669k pdf)
NEW! A much wider stock latitude and is more durable than Prime Mark; offers outstanding print quality and prints on a wide range of substrates from rough uncoated paper to smooth synthetic films; flexible enough to offer exceptional imaging on both low end and high speed, high resolution thermal printers; excellent durability - no scratching or smudging when labels are subjected to rough handling, abrasion or moderate solvents; a new backcoat that extends printhead life to over 2 million linear inches.
Prime Mark Exceptional print quality for complex label formats. Works well on a wide range of substrates.
R2 Prime Good resistance to IPA and household cleaners.
DC-200 Color ribbons - Superior print quality with exceptional scratch and smudge resistance.

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Super Premium Resin Ribbon:

For harsh environment labeling applications where resistance to extreme abrasion, heat, and/or chemicals is imperative. Applications include nursery and lumber tags, chemical drum labels, pharmaceutical and medical labeling, outdoor labeling, automotive and industrial work-in-process labeling. Super premium resin ribbons are compatible with higher end synthetic films like polyester and polyimide (Kapton®).

SP-330 Designed for harsh environment labeling applications. Superior abrasion, chemical, and heat resistance.
DC-400 Color ribbons - Full resin color ribbons for harsh environment labeling.

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Ribbons for Near Edge Printers:

Specifically designed to run on thermal transfer printers with near edge printheads like the TEC B-X® and Novexx® series of printers.

NETMark IQ NEW PRODUCT! Premium wax/resin ribbon with outstanding performance at high print speeds and exceptional print quality on almost any type of material.
NETMark Premium wax/resin ribbon with outstanding performance at high print speeds and exceptional print quality.
NETColor Premium color wax/resin ribbons - Exceptional print quality for logos and graphics.
NET Process Kit A sample package of twelve NETColor ribbons.
NETResin Super premium resin ribbon with excellent performance in harsh environment labeling applications.

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Specialty Resin Ribbons:

Full resin ribbons designed for specific harsh environment labeling applications.

DC-300 Color ribbons - Unique UV resistant formula designed for outdoor/vinyl applications.

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 General Purpose Wax Products  Premium Wax/Resin Products
 Signature Series™ Products  Near Edge Products
 Specialty Resin Products  Direct or Flexible Packaging Products

*NOTE - All Sony® Product Data Sheets are provided in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format
             (linked document size in parentheses)


Sony General Purpose Wax Ribbons:

Popular Sony Chemicals General Purpose ribbons offer broad performance characteristics to deliver the image quality and durability required for most applications, while providing an excellent total cost solution. They are well-suited to print on coated/uncoated paper tags and labels as well as low-end synthetics.

(936k pdf)
Provides unparalleled printhead protection, while delivering the darkest, most durable images on a wide range of substrates.
(628k pdf)
Based on Sony's proven TR4050 formulation, these quality wax ribbons expand your color possibilities when black just isn't enough. Provides excellent print clarity and smudge resistance. Available in Red, Blue, Green, and Brown.

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Sony Premium Wax/Resin Ribbons:

Premium wax and wax/resin ribbon products produce superior results across a wide range of applications at a lower cost than all-resin ribbons. These include a darker image, ability to print at higher speeds, less printhead static and suitability with a wide range of media from paper to low-end synthetics.

(850k pdf)
Fastest growing ribbon for the outdoor tag market; Prints at energy levels equal to or less than wax ribbons; Provides durability comparable to resin ribbons on many low-end synthetics; UL recognized.
(856k pdf)
Combines the high durability of a resin with the wide printability of a wax; Helps optimize valuable label space by providing razor-sharp rotated bar codes; UL recognized.
(758k pdf)
Combines the flexibility of a general-purpose ribbon with the durability of a wax/resin ribbon; Provides the darkest, most durable image possible from a general-purpose ribbon; Allows you to gain additional wax/resin ribbon business with an economical product; UL recognized.
(871k pdf)
Specifically developed to cover the widest possible range of applications; Performs well on the various inks used on spot-coated and flood-coated labels; Eliminates the need for thermal transfer varnishes on flood-coated labels; Prints up to 12 inches per second with complete image integrity.

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Sony Signature Series™ Products:

Now you can eliminate your risk of ribbon failure by asking for genuine Sony ribbons by name. It's your guarantee of the consistent, high-quality product performance you've come to expect from Sony. And our complete line makes it easy to choose a ribbon that can handle just about any barcode or variable information challenge you throw at it.

Signature Series wax, wax/resin and resin ribbons meet the requirements of applications in a wide range of industries, from automotive and healthcare to electronics and chemical. They offer enhanced durability and readability to meet the demands of almost any end-use application - even long-term protection against chemicals, solvents and UV rays.

Signature Series Wax
(194k pdf)
A reliable, cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications; Prints at high speeds and delivers crisp, dark, durable images and rotated bar codes on a variety of substrates; Versatile enough to print on both papers and low-end synthetics.
Signature Series Wax/Resin
(495k pdf)
Prints on paper and low-end synthetic tags and labels; Provides dark, durable, smudge-resistant images and rotated bar codes; Dissipates static, resulting in hassle- free, low-maintenance thermal transfer solutions.
Signature Series Resin
(207k pdf)
Delivers durable, scratch-resistant performance in the most demanding applications; Withstands extreme heat and UV exposure; Can eliminate the need for overlaminates in many cases.

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Sony Near Edge Ribbons:

Near edge or corner edge technology is the latest innovation in thermal transfer printers and offers several advantages over traditional printing methods. The "floating" printhead lasts longer than traditional printheads because less pressure is applied during the printing process. The printhead also has a chance to cool down between pulses due to the quick peel angle inherent in near edge printing technology. This prevents a continuous rise in printhead temperature during operation, further reducing printhead wear.

It has also been reported that near edge prints better images, due to the floating printhead tracking the media better and the quick peel giving the image a clearer printhead element pattern. And because there is no media thickness adjustment necessary with near edge printers, set-up time is significantly reduced.

TR4500 Wax/Resin
(909k pdf)
The best ribbon on the market for the new generation of thermal transfer printers equipped with near edge or corner edge printheads. TR4500's backcoating reduces static and prolongs printhead life. Meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact applications.
TR4570 Specialty Resin
(850k pdf)
Compatible with all existing near edge or corner edge printheads; Offers higher print density and gloss with superior durability; Can print at 10 inches per second on some substrates.
TR5500 Resin
(822k pdf)
Specifically developed for coated and uncoated paper and tags; Prints dark images at high speeds up to 12 inches per second at low energy settings with complete image integrity; Backcoating reduces static and prolongs printhead life; Designed for the Novexx® series of near edge printers.

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Sony Specialty Resin Ribbons:

Specialty resin ribbons provide enhanced image quality and durability for applications that require special performance characteristics such as extra resistance to environmental conditions, smudging or scratching. Grades are available that resist solvents, chemicals and exposure to damaging UV rays.

(541k pdf)
NEW! Provides unmatched solvent and chemical resistance. Often eliminates the need for overlaminated, anodized or etched labels. Superior resistance to: • MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) • Toluene • Xylene • IPA (isopropyl alcohol) • Gasoline • Brake Fluid • Many other chemicals. Designed to transfer an excellent quality and extremely durable image onto the most popular label stocks for harsh environments.
TR3370 (White)
(781k pdf)
Offers superior smudge and scratch resistance as well as durability; Specifically formulated for PVC shrink-wrapping; Highly resistant to Ethanol and Isopropanol.
(854k pdf)
The fastest growing resin product on the market; Carries widespread agency approvals; Can withstand an unprecedented 14 years of UV exposure (confirmed by accelerated UV tests); Heat resistant up to 400ºF; Eliminates the need for overlaminates in many cases; Meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact applications.
(853k pdf)
Specially designed topcoat allows it to offer scratch-resistant images on preprinted or treated label surfaces; Provides excellent images on a wide range of high-end synthetic labels; UL recognized.
(881k pdf)
Uses cross-linking technology to provide unparalleled resistance to harsh chemicals and solvents; Formulated to meet the requirements of demanding applications like automotive underhood and clinical laboratory labeling; Heat resistant up to 400° F; UL recognized.

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Sony Direct of Flexible Packaging Ribbons:

Manufacturers printing directly on polyethylene, polypropylene, and other flexible packaging materials need a process that is both durable and resists static electricity. Sony's thermal transfer ribbons for direct printing applications deliver rugged, reliable performance and superior static resistance.

Sony products are designed to produce a minimum of static, facilitating fast, trouble-free printing. Our SmoothCoat backcoating helps reduce friction, prolonging the life of the ribbon and printhead and reducing the generation of static.

Signature Series Direct Wax
(261k pdf)
An economical, durable ribbon that is exceptionally compatible with poly-bags and other flexible packaging materials; Prints well even at higher speeds (12ips+); Ideal for applications that are price-sensitive but that still require a consistent, high-quality solution; Meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact applications.
Signature Series Premium Wax
(261k pdf)
Prints dark, durable images on a wide variety of both plain and preprinted packaging materials; Delivers crisp graphics and bar codes even at higher print speeds; Meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact applications.
Signature Series Direct Premiun Wax NE
(261k pdf)
Prints a dark, durable image using the new generation of thermal transfer printers equipped with near edge or corner edge printheads; Prints at high speeds and low energy settings; Backcoating reduces static and prolongs printhead life; Meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact applications.

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