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General Purpose Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons

  • Resin enhanced wax ribbon

  • Outstanding durability for a general purpose wax ribbon

  • Excellent print quality for normal and rotated bar codes and small characters

  • Reduced printhead energy requirements extend printhead life

  • Prints well at high print speeds

  • Applications:
    - General purpose labeling
    - Shipping, warehousing, and receiving labeling
    - Shelf and bin labeling
    - Shipping and address labels
    - Retail tag and label applications
    - Textile and apparel labeling
    - Compliance labeling
  • Recommended Media:
    - Coated paper tag and label stock
    - Polyethylene films
    - Polypropylene films

Technical Specifications
Film Thickness: 4.5 Microns
Total Ribbon Thickness: 7.5 Microns
Transmission Density: 1.45 MacBeth Scale
Ink Melting Point: 62 C
144 F
Recommended Maximum Print Speed: 12 IPS

Star Diagram

This diagram is representative of High Mark used in general purpose applications when printing on coated tag and label stocks (vs. other wax ribbons).

Storage Conditions

To ensure optimal performance, please adhere to the following environmental conditions for use, shipping, and storage.

  • For optimal print results, thermal transfer printing should occur in the temperature range of 5 C (41 F) to 35 C (95 F) at 45% to 85% relative humidity.
  • Recommended shipping conditions for up to one month duration are -5 C (23 F) to 45 C (113 F) at 20% to 85% relative humidity.
  • To ensure the ribbon’s performance, our suggested storage conditions for up to one year duration are -5 C (23 F) to 40 C (104 F) at 20% to 85% relative humidity.

Please Note: Exposing Watson Label Products Thermal Transfer Ribbons to direct sunlight or moisture will cause damage to the ribbons.

Watson Label Products' goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction, and we offer a 100% guarantee on all our bar code thermal transfer ribbon products.

(Product data sheet - High Mark)


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