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Watson Label Products' New Versa Mark General Purpose Wax Ribbon

Watson Label Products is extremely pleased to announce Versa Mark, our new general purpose wax ribbon

What is Versa Mark?

When Watson Label Products decided to develop a new wax ribbon, the intent from the start was  not to come up with just another "me too" product - but instead to take the technology to the next level and develop a new wax ribbon that:

  • Meets the needs of world wide distribution
  • Surpasses the performance of competitive wax products
  • Compliments the performance properties of High Mark
  • Optimizes the opportunity for consolidation within WLP's wax product line

We feel that we have not only met these goals, but surpassed them.  Why? Because Versa Mark has:

  • Unsurpassed backcoat performance - It leaves no build-up on the printhead, even after printing 1 million linear inches of ribbon!  This means consistent print quality for you and your customers, and lower printhead replacement costs. 
  • Outstanding print quality - Versa Mark provides a crisp, dark, black image.  It's rotated (ladder) bar codes are extremely sharp, even up to print speeds of 10 ips.  Your customers can feel confident knowing Versa Mark will result in scannable barcodes from start to finish.  
  • Excellent high speed performance - Versa Mark prints extremely well up to, and including, 12 ips.  Perfect for today's high speed printers. 
  • Superior substrate range - Versa Mark prints well on  a very wide array of tag and label stocks: coated and uncoated paper, synthetic paper, other low end films, and poly bags.  End-users printing on a variety of receivers will benefit from Versa Mark's versatility.
  • User Friendly - Versa Mark prints extremely well over a very broad printer energy setting range.  This means it will easily "drop-in" on most competitive ribbons - no printer adjustments necessary.  

This is just a small taste of all Versa Mark has to offer.  

Contact your Watson Label Products sales Representative, or WLP customer service for more information.

Additional Versa Mark product information is available:

Versa Mark Data Sheet

Versa Mark Catalog Pages

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