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Bar Code Codabar


Traditional Codabar

Traditional Codabar is a numeric symbology that must use a check digit to assure accuracy. It is variable in length and uses 16 data characters plus any of 4 start and stop characters. In order to ensure accurate decodes, Codabar is customarily printed at 10.0 cpi./p>

Rationalized Codabar

Rationalized Codabar is a bar code symbology derived from traditional Codabar and fully compatible with it in all applications. A check character is not required for Rationalized Codabar. However, the use of a check character significantly enhances data security. Rationalized Codabar can be printed at multiple characters per inch.

Applications For Codabar:

  • Federal Express, libraries and some blood banks
  • Although this code can be easily printed, the need for a check digit algorithm makes it a poor choice for most industrial applications.

Seven elements - four bars and three spaces (wide or narrow)


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