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RFID Labels

Watson Label Products manufactures a high quality RFID Tag using either a metallic or polyester construction. RFID tags work by sending and receiving information through an antenna and an attached microchip or integrated circuit. An RFID reader is used to communicate with the RFID tag. Different pieces of data (unique identifying numbers, serial numbers, etc.) can be read and written onto the tags which can be attached to any item or product for easy tagging and tracking. This allows for hands-free tracking of multiple assets, making your process more efficient and timely.


  • Cylinder Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Car Rental - No waiting vehicle returns
  • Amusement Parks - No swipe ticket passes

RFID Labels

Typical Features

Our RFID labels are ideal for tracking and identification purposes. Our inlay design obtains excellent read ranges regardless of surface, whether that be metal, plastic, or even wood. The subsurface printing on durable polyester protects printed copy against moderate solvents and caustics/acids.

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Hands-free tracking of multiple assets


Excellent read ranges on a variety of surfaces

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Resistant against a variety of solvents

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Thanks for getting these labels to us as fast as you could. The labels are JUST PERFECT!

Thank you, everyone, for the great customer service! It is much appreciated!

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