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Library Barcode Labels 

Watson Label Products offers an array of barcode label options for libraries. WLP can accommodate any label size requested and will help you create a great design. WLP maintains a history of numbers produced to ensure number integrity and offers color options at no additional charge.


  • Book Identification
  • Patron Identification
  • Off-site Storage Identification
  • Slide Identification
  • Promotional Items
Library Barcode Labels

Library Barcode Features

Our library labels consist of a specially selected combination of materials that are archival quality and designed to last the lifetime of the book. They are acid-free and resist yellowing, fading, and tearing.

Moisture Resistant Icon

Moisture resistant

Will Not Fade Over Time Icon

Will not yellow or fade over time

Tear Resistant Icon

Tear resistant & Acid Free

Library Barcode Label Construction

The Label Construction

The Materials

Whether your labels are going on the inside or outside of books, on plastic patron cards, on book jackets, or on AV materials, we have the right construction for you.

Laminate: Our standard laminate is a 1 mil. polypropylene film available in a clear or matte finish.
Facestock: Our 2.6 mil. polypropylene facestock is a bright white, durable, acid-free, and moisture-resistant material.
Adhesive: Our 2 mil. permanent Acrylic adhesive is specially selected based on where the label will be placed.

Sizes & Formats

Smart and dumb labels are available on sheets or rolls in a variety of sizes. Labels can be produced in single, two-part double, 2up, piggyback, tamper evident, or other special formats. Watson Label Products also produces spine labels, bar code/spine label sets, and label protectors.


Watson Label Products can create any barcode symbology to meet your requirements. All of our barcodes are produced to be compatible with your automation system. The most common symbologies for libraries are Codabar and Code 39.

Common Library Label Styles

Note: All 2" wide labels accommodate up to 14-15 digits. Most of our labels are also available in a shorter width for fewer digits.

2" x 5/8" Library Barcode Label

Singles (2"x5/8")

Standard, dumb (or generic) label. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

Two Ups Library Barcode Label

Two-Ups (Two 2"x5/8")

2up = two identical bar code labels for each number. Both labels must be exactly the same – twins! Not two different numbers. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

10,000 = (5,000-2up) 5,000 numbers with two labels per number which equals 10,000 labels. 10,000 = (5,000-2up) – Priced as 10,000 20,000 = (10,000-2up) – Priced as 20,000

Piggyback Label for Library Books

Piggyback Label (2" x 5/8")

Label has two layers of adhesive which allows the label to be used twice. Perfect for serials! Also available in other sizes. (Supplied on rolls only.)

Two Part Double Label for Library Books

Two-Part Double (2"x1")

The top label includes: Imprint, bar code and human readable number. The bottom label includes: Human readable number only. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

Priced as a unit: 10,000 2″ x 1″ two-part labels = 10,000 total labels.

2" x 1" Two Part Double Special Layout Label for Library Books

2" x 1" Two-Part Double Special Layout Label

This 2″ x 1″ label set is the same price as the above 2 Part Double, but with a special layout. Notice the bar code is taller and the human readable number is in a different spot. When the top label is removed, the smaller label has both a human readable number and a bar code. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

Single 2" x 1" Library Book Label

Single Label (2" x 1")

Used mostly for 'Smart' Labels. Accommodates: Three lines of text plus an imprint, bar code and human readable number. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

Single 2" x 3/4" Library Book Label

Single Label (2" x 3/4")

This label accommodates two lines of text, plus an imprint, bar code and human readable number. Most commonly used for Smart Labels or labels requiring a scannable OCR-A number and bar code. (Supplied on rolls or sheets.)

Slide Label for Library Book

Slide Label (2" x 3/8")

This label accommodates a bar code, human readable number, and an imprint (if desired). This label uses an adhesive specially formulated for plastic. You may choose any label width to accommodate your slide. (Supplied on rolls only.)

CD/DVD Label Sets

CD/DVD Label Sets

The donut shaped label goes on the CD/DVD and the matching bar code label is placed on the case. You may even choose to have something printed on the donut hole and apply it to the case.

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Watson Label Products has attended the American Library Association Trade Show for over 35 years.

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Watson has been producing barcodes for Columbia University Libraries for almost a decade. Some of the special labels we have requested required several discussions, but Watson always came up with a perfectly workable solution.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help, we received the barcodes and they were perfect. We look forward to our future business with Watson Label Products in the near future!

Our labels arrived today and they are in perfect condition. We are so pleased with your service and wanted to thank everyone involved. You exceeded our expectations!

Good teamwork, and more importantly, great customer service! WLP Rocks!

We appreciate the ease of doing business with you. Everyone there is always so personable and helpful and the quick turn-around between the order and receipt of our barcodes is great!

Watson supplies our library with excellent custom labels. Their customer service team is top-notch!

I recently contacted Watson Label Products and was very pleased with their customer service, delivery, label quality, and fast shipping. I will definitely order from them again.

Ordering from Watson has been a great experience. Their customer service is friendly, prompt, and professional, and I feel like I'm in good hands.

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